Haikus from AR480/780: Who Owns the Past?


During Fall semester 2011, students in AR480/780 were asked to summarize the point of several articles in a haiku. One of the  articles was “Modern Disturbances: On the Ambiguities of Archaeology,” by Gavin Lucas. It appeared in the journal Modernism/modernity 11 (2004), pp. 109-120. Here are their haikus for Lucas’ article.

It’s more than just the long past,
It is modern life.
– Ashley Smith
Why value the past?
Prehistory, illusion?
Culture of stuff reigns.
– Adam DiBattista
creation of new presents,
modernist project.
– Laura Heath
Is yesterday less
important than one thousand
years ago or not?
– Ian Shepherd
Prehistory shows
Not a concept lost in time
But a new present.
– Ashley Rees-Jones
Prehistory or
History is found in text.
Or not. It’s a rock.
– Gretchen Pineo
No single event
demarcates then from now and
old’s as good as new.
– Bree Evans
Past and present.
How should we divide them?
With slash or hyphen?
– Gretchen Pineo
Culture and text split;
Science translates history.
With transparency?
– Jennifer Greene
studies the past through objects.
When does the past end?
– Ian Shepherd
Understanding then and now
In the modern world.
– Catherine Scott
The past through text is
not for us. We see the past
through pot, bone, and dust.
– Ian Shepherd
Yesterday or yesteryear
Redefine the field.
– Alice Crowe
Power of the field
Endless possibilities
Focus on present.
– Teddy Mazurek
In the past, the past
was tradition but now
it’s a charged present.
– Andrea Berlin
Spurning tradition
looking for new ways to learn
about past and present.
– Preston Weir
Archaeology –
problems with modernity
use analogy.
– Brandon Olson
Today’s old knife will
be tomorrow’s old stone axe
for now it’s just junk.
– Andrea Berlin
A field with many limits.
What of the present?
– Emily Christian
What is history?
Modern archaeology:
– Kevin Velasquez
Study of the past
From prehistory to just
A second ago?
-Nicole Estey